About Me

Author of Suburban Hustle, Karissa


Hey there and welcome! My name is Karissa and I started Suburban Hustle to share ventures, projects, and activities that help me earn and save a little extra so I can focus on my two favorite things in life: family and fun.


I’m passionate about not only in keeping up with my full time career as technology consultant, but keeping an eye open for any opportunities that I can do on the side that help me earn a little extra cash as well as some fun money and time saving projects.


Being a humble, laid-back suburban gal, I’ve had to learn how to hustle my way through a highly competitive job market into a successful career while also breaking through the uncertainty and learning curve towards my entrepreneurial passions.


Upon entering my late 20s, I have started and ran 2 small businesses, sold 1 company, and managed another small business, all while progressing in my career as consultant in the IT field that helps fuel my passion for technology. I am delighted with what I have been able to achieve so far and only wish to continue on this path. I hope sharing my journey with you, sparks inspiration or even just becomes a landing ground some really helpful tips.



Interesting Facts…


    • I live in Pearland, TX with my husband, Matt, our pup, Pebbles, and a handful of chickens and fish.


    • I have a random collection of junk (mostly nerdy collectibles, but also just things I refuse to throw away), what I call collection, is what my husband calls 1 step away from being on that Hoarders show.


    • My main passion for DIY is because I like to save money, I start to enjoy it at first, and then get very frustrated. So all my DIY tips are fool proof, or done on the computer with some wonderful program.


    • I like dumb TV shows, and it’s really embarrassing the amount of binge watching I allow myself to do.


    • Sometimes I travel a lot for work and I’m away from home Monday through Thursday, every week, for months at a time, and I hate being away from home (but I love the points).


    • The first house I owned was in the city, and my neighbors were bats… who would sometimes visit uninvited, which is one of the reasons why I no longer live there.